Our Products

Cow Pea Protein Concentrate

We use the best quality non-GMO pulses to produce an innovative protein product that is rich in Sulphur and Amino acids, as well as soy and gluten free.

Ideal Applications: Nutrition supplements, egg alternative for baking, Albumin alternative, plant based meat, etc.

Mung Bean Protein Concentrate

The highly nutritious Moong beans grown in India are used to produce a protein supplement that has a neutral flavor and is completely soluble, allowing for a wide range of usage.

Ideal Applications: Egg alternative for baking, dairy alternative, sports nutrition, etc.

Plant Based Egg Mix

This delicious egg-replacement is one of our innovative products that can be used for any traditional egg recipe to achieve the same taste and nutrients, while also being sustainable and chemical free.

Ideal Applications: Best for omelette and scrambled egg preparations.

Plant Based Peptides

Our innovative plant based peptides are versatile and soluble in water, and can be used as alternatives in collagen replacement for various applications.

Ideal Applications: Skincare & healthcare products, functional foods, plant based cosmeceuticals, sports nutrition products, etc.