Cow Pea Protein Concentrate

Cow Pea Protein Concentrate

Premium, 100% clean label, watersoluble, highly functional protein concentrates from cow peas.

We use the best quality non-GMO cow peas as raw material to produce nutritious, versatile, clean label plant proteins using our proprietary technology. Our innovative protein product is rich in Sulphur and Amino acids, as well as soy and gluten free.


  • Completely soluble in water, neutral flavour and taste
  • Good binder
  • Complete amino acid profile, with naturally present fiber and minerals
  • Free from allergens, chemicals, & additives
  • Excellent emulsifying, foaming and gelling properties
Ideal applications:

  • Nutrition supplement
  • Eggs alternative - baking and cooking
  • Albumin alternative
  • Plant based meat – beef, chicken and fish